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This summary has been prepared by the WTO Secretariat’s Information and External Relations Division to help public understanding about developments in WTO disputes. It is not a legal interpretation of the issues, and it is not intended as a complete account of the issues. These can be found in the reports themselves and in the minutes of the Dispute Settlement Body’s meetings.

DS454: China — Measures imposing anti-dumping duties on high-performance stainless steel seamless tubes from Japan

Following China’s objection, the DSB deferred the establishment of a panel to examine Japan’s complaint in the dispute “China — Measures Imposing Anti-Dumping Duties on High-Performance Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes from Japan”.


Status reports

The United States presented status reports on the following disputes: “US — Section 211 Omnibus Appropriations Act of 1998”; “US — Anti-Dumping Measures on Certain Hot-Rolled Steel Products from Japan”; “US — Section 110(5) of the US Copyright Act”; “US — Anti-Dumping Measures on Certain Shrimp from Viet Nam”; “US — Measures Affecting the Production and Sale of Clove Cigarettes”; and “US — Measures Concerning the Importation, Marketing and Sale of Tuna and Tuna Products”.

The European Union provided a status report on the dispute “EC — Measures Affecting the Approval and Marketing of Biotech Products”.

Thailand presented a status report on the dispute “Customs and Fiscal Measures on Cigarettes from the Philippines”.

The EU and Japan made statements concerning the dispute “US — Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act of 2000”.


DS285: US — Measures affecting the cross-border supply of gambling and betting services 

Dominica, speaking on behalf of Antigua and Barbuda, made a statement regarding the dispute “US — Measures Affecting the Cross-Border Supply of Gambling and Betting Services”.


DS425: China — Definitive anti-dumping duties on X-ray security inspection equipment from the European Union

The DSB adopted the panel report in the dispute “China — Definitive Anti-Dumping Duties on X-ray Security Inspection Equipment from the European Union”.


Appellate Body members

On the Chair’s proposal for the appointment/reappointment of Appellate Body members, the Chair said that he would further revise the proposal in order to take into account the comments from delegations.


Other business

Under “Other Business”, the Chair drew attention to the Annual Report of the Appellate Body for 2012 and encouraged members to submit comments and inquiries on the report.

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