Under the theme “Inclusive Trade”, the Forum will be an opportunity to discuss how a wider range of individuals and businesses can participate in the trading system and how WTO rules can help to ensure everyone benefits from trade. At a time when the business environment is changing and world growth is slowing, it is important to ensure that trade is truly inclusive, allowing small enterprises, women and innovative businesses to take an active role in the global trading system. More on this year's theme is available here.


Call for proposals

Sessions at the Public Forum are organized by participants. The WTO will select the best proposals and allocate the slots. In order to qualify for selection, organisers will need to complete an application form and send it to pf16@wto.org no later than 3 June 2016.



The annual Public Forum is the WTO’s flagship event. It provides a unique platform for heads of state and leading global businesspeople, academics and non-governmental organisations to come together and discuss some of the major trade and development issues of the day. Over 1,500 participants attend the Forum each year.

This year’s event is particularly special as we are marking the 15th anniversary of the Public Forum.

For more information, please contact us by email at: pf16@wto.org

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