"These working documents are the result of a collective effort by delegations and represent an effort to develop working texts that could present with some degree of clarity the numerous issues, approaches and views before the Group in these areas," the negotiating group chair, Ambassador Wayne McCook (Jamaica), said.

"Their purpose is to facilitate further work of the Group, and they can be expected to continue to evolve. They are of course entirely without prejudice to the position of any delegation," he said.

The texts relate to subsidy disciplines in the areas of IUU fishing and overfished stocks, two of the many issues currently being considered in the fisheries subsidies negotiations. Beside producing the texts at the meeting, members also undertook a second reading and discussion of the compilation text of members' proposals covering the other areas of the negotiations, including the scope of the agreement, prohibitions for subsidies that contribute to fishing overcapacity, special and differential treatment for developing members and LDCs, transparency and notification obligations, a "standstill" commitment to refrain from introducing new subsidies or extending existing ones, and institutional arrangements such as dispute settlement and WTO work for implementation and monitoring.

The Chair said that the Group will need to continue its efforts in all areas with a view to developing additional working texts and otherwise advancing its work.  

The next cluster of meetings is scheduled for 27-29 November.




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