Users can now find in one database both annual and short-term (quarterly and monthly) data on merchandise trade and trade in commercial services as well as information on bound, applied and preferential tariffs, non-tariff measures and Foreign Affiliate Trade Statistics.

The interface retains data retrieval functionalities from current databases while adding new features such as pre-built indicators to ease data selection.  Users are now also able to customize the data display in rows and columns.

The following resources are provided to facilitate the use of the database:

  • The User Guide may be consulted for quick assistance on the functionalities. 
  • The Database Inventory gives an overview of the full list of indicators available in the database, with their frequency of update and coverage details.
  • The Technical Notes include detailed information on indicators' definitions, sources and compilation methods.

The WTO Data portal replaces the current Statistics Database. Economy-based profiles previously accessible as links on the former Statistics Database can be accessed directly at the links below:




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