The dedicated web page within the EIF’s Trade for Development News will provide news and analysis so that this information can help keep LDC trade flowing even in a time of crisis. Regular news roundups offer the latest on how LDC countries are being affected, and what impacts are being felt.

Recently published articles have looked at issues such as soap tariffs, the commitments of international financial institutions and the trade situation in Africa.

Alongside this coverage, the EIF is launching a series of webinars with partner experts that looks into the various ways LDCs are being affected by the crisis.

The first, slated for 13 May 2020, will look at fragile and conflict-affected countries, their unique vulnerabilities to COVID-19, and what governments and global institutions can do to create more stability.

About the Enhanced Integrated Framework

The EIF is the only multilateral partnership dedicated exclusively to helping LDCs use trade as an engine for growth, sustainable development and poverty reduction. It is a unique global partnership between LDCs, donors and partner agencies, including the WTO, which work together to build trade capacity in LDCs.

More information on the EIF is available here.




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