On the WTO Data portal, a new “Save Link” option allows users to save their data selection query for up to one year. Users can now download their selected data with one click and share the link with others.

When downloading data in CSV format, a widely used data exchange format, output files now include ISO-3 alpha codes for economies, allowing users to cross reference WTO trade data with other datasets using the same codes.

When searching for product/sector data, users can now select with one click all headings and sub-headings for any categories of goods covered by the Harmonized System, the method used to classify traded products on a common basis.

A contact form to provide feedback on the website is now available. A user guide for the WTO Data portal is available for further information.

The new WTO API portal gathers in one place the documentation developers need to integrate WTO data into their webpages and applications. The portal already contains the API for the WTO Data portal and will host other WTO APIs to be published in the future.




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