When and where?

The briefing session will take place between 10h and 17h in Room S2. Interpretation will be provided.

What is the purpose of the Secretariat briefing session?

The session aims to help delegates prepare for and make full use of the TRIPS Council meetings. It provides a technical overview of the role and functioning of the TRIPS Council, and explains the factual background, purpose and subject matter of the items on the current agenda for the next formal meeting of the Council, scheduled for 6-7 February.

Who should attend?

While the briefing session is primarily intended to introduce new delegates to the TRIPS Council, all delegations are welcome to attend.

How to prepare?

The briefing session also provides an introduction and live demonstration of online tools available to receive, submit and access TRIPS-related information. These include the online meeting calendar and subscription to online alerts regarding the circulation of new TRIPS-related documents, use of the e-TRIPS Submission System to comply with TRIPS notification requirements and submit reports, and use of the e-TRIPS Gateway to browse and search most TRIPS-related documents and information online. Delegates are invited to bring their own device.




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