The aim of the exercise is to survey:

  • Aid-for-Trade priorities and how these have changed since the last monitoring exercise
  • policies for sustainable development
  • policies for women's economic empowerment.

The objective is to gather information on the countries' trade and development priorities and on the role that Aid for Trade can play in supporting environmental sustainability and women's economic empowerment. The ongoing economic and trade impact of the COVID-19 pandemic also features prominently in the survey.

The questionnaire should be submitted via an electronic form no later than 31 December 2021.

The forms can be found below:

Questionnaire Type

Survey Links

Partner Country

Online survey:   

WT/COMTD/AFT/W/88/Add.1 in Word and PDF format


Online survey:   

WT/COMTD/AFT/W/88/Add.3 in Word and PDF format


Online survey: 

WT/COMTD/AFT/W/88/Add.4 in Word and PDF format

Regional Economic Community and Transport Corridors

Online survey:

WT/COMTD/AFT/W/88/Add.2 in Word and PDF format

More information is available at

Aid for Trade is a multi-stakeholder initiative seeking to mobilise resources to address the trade-related needs and supply-side constraints identified by developing countries and least-developed countries. More information can be found here.




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