The World Trade Congress on Gender is part of the research agenda undertaken by the WTO Gender Research Hub and the WTO Trade and Gender Unit. It will draw attention to the findings of published or soon-to-be published research conducted by trade and gender experts and promote innovative research in this field. Submissions are open for both members and non-members of the Hub.

The theme of the Congress intends to highlight the trade and gender issues related to the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. It also provides an opportunity to deepen understanding of how women's empowerment can help countries overcome future crises, whether environmental, financial or food security related — and how trade can contribute to this. The Hub further invites participants to reflect on the extent to which trade can accelerate recovery and help rebuild a gender-responsive economic environment after crises.

The Congress Committee welcomes proposals on the following sub-themes, among others:

  • Trade, gender and sustainable development
  • Trade, employment and gender
  • Trade, foreign investment and gender
  • Trade, COVID-19 and gender
  • Trade, gender and standards
  • Gender, trade facilitation and crises
  • Gender, infrastructure and crises
  • Aid for trade, gender and recovery
  • Role of the WTO and trade to promote gender equality in crises
  • Role of women in trade during crises
  • Role of free trade agreements for an inclusive solution to crises
  • Trade, women entrepreneurs and recovery
  • Trade, gender and innovation

Applicants are invited to submit a detailed abstract defining their research questions, methodological approach and outcomes. The abstract should mention where the research has been published. If the paper has not yet been published, the abstracts must include enough detail to provide a sufficient understanding of the work expected in the final paper.

Applications should be submitted to [email protected] with the subject “WTCG — Call for Papers” by 1 July.

Selected applicants will be notified at the latest by 1 September.

The Congress will be a public event open to academics, students, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, the private sector, and delegations of WTO members. Registrations will open in September 2022.

More information on the WTO Gender Research Hub is available here.




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