The WTO Research Database on Trade and Gender is an initiative of the WTO Gender Research Hub, led by the WTO Trade and Gender Unit. The database can be filtered by gender equality issue and by region. It gathers research work by the WTO, other international and regional organizations, institutions in the WTO Chairs Programme, and other members of academia.

The initiative supports the objectives of the Joint Ministerial Declaration on the Advancement of Gender Equality and Women's Economic Empowerment within Trade and the efforts of the WTO's Informal Working Group on Trade and Gender, providing evidence-based analysis aimed at helping governments design gender-inclusive policies.

Promoting research and data collection is also a key objective of the WTO's Action Plan on Trade and Gender 2021-2026.

Call for papers

Experts and researchers worldwide are invited to submit papers covering both trade and gender topics in one of the WTO's official languages once the papers are published. The call for papers is available here. Responses should be sent to [email protected] with the subject “Database — Trade and Gender”.

For more information, please contact the WTO's Trade and Gender Unit: [email protected].




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