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14 May 1998
WTO Ministerial Conference and 50th anniversary - live world-wide broadcast through internet

President Bill Clinton, President Nelson Mandela, Prime Minister Tony Blair, President Fernando Henrique Cardoso and President Fidel Castro will be among several leaders and government ministers whose participation in the WTO's 50th Anniversary celebrations and Ministerial Conference in Geneva on 18-20 May 1998 will be broadcast live through the Internet world-wide.

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"It is appropriate that as we look back on 50 years of accomplishment we also look to the future by enabling people world-wide to join us through the Internet for this celebration," said Keith Rockwell, WTO spokesman.

The live video webcasts will be accessible in English, French and Spanish. They can be accessed through the WTO's site on the Internet's world wide web at www.wto.org. Names of speakers and times for live broadcasts will be posted on the WTO site, as well as instructions on how to follow the live events. Internet users wishing to access this service should visit the WTO site in advance to obtain instructions and the free software that is required.

Visitors to the site will also be able to view clips of a special 50th anniversary video tracing the history and accomplishments of the WTO and its predecessor the GATT. Anyone wishing to order the full version of the 50th anniversary video can do so through the WTO internet site online bookshop.

All events broadcast live will also be available in an audiovisual archive so that those not able to follow the events live will be able to play the video recording at their convenience. This archive of speeches and other events at the Ministerial Conference will be maintained for the next several months so it can be consulted online from anywhere on the globe by students, educators, and others interested in WTO matters.

This unique public access to the WTO Ministerial Conference and 50th Anniversary celebrations is made possible throught the use of leading edge webcasting technology.