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3 March 2000

Seminar on special and differential treatment for developing countries

A seminar on special and differential treatment for developing countries will take place at the WTO on Tuesday 7 March. It is organized under the auspices of the WTO Committee on Trade and Development at the request of its Members. The seminar will explore different facets of special and differential treatment. To allow a frank exchange of views on the issue, the seminar will take place outside of a negotiating context and outside of the formal processes of the CTD.

The seminar will take the shape of a series of sessions, each comprising a presentation and a discussion. The presentations will be given by authors from various institutions, and delegates from different Geneva missions will operate as discussants. Participation is open to WTO Members and Observers.

The proceedings of the conference and background papers will serve as input into the CTD's consideration of the question. Background papers will be made available in the room as well as on the WTO internet site (www.wto.org).

A limited number of seats will be available to the media on a first-come first-served basis.

You will find here attached a copy of the program.

Seminar on Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries