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7 March 2002

Programme of the Pledging Conference

WTO Pledging Conference For The Doha Development Agenda Global Trust Fund (DDAGTF): Coherence, Technical Assistance and Capacity Building.

Monday 11 March 2002
Chairman: Mike Moore, Director-General, WTO
Opening statement by the Chairman
“Importance of technical cooperation and capacity building for the Fifth Ministerial Conference”
Message from Dr. Luís Ernesto Derbez, Secretary of the Economy, Mexico, Host Minister of the Fifth WTO Ministerial Conference.
“OECD's contributions in support of short and long term trade-related technical assistance and capacity building”
Mr. Donald Johnston, Secretary-General, OECD
“Appropriate policy framework for utilising trade-related technical assistance”
Dr. Louis Kasekende, Deputy Governor, Bank of Uganda
“Developing countries' short and long term priority needs for trade-related technical assistance and capacity building”
H.E. Ms Amima Chawahir Mohamed, Ambasssador, Permanent Representative of Kenya to the WTO
“Coherence and coordination for technical assistance and capacity building: post-Doha”
H.E. Mr. Carlo Trojan, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the European Commission to the WTO
“Predictable funding and priority-setting in technical cooperation and capacity building”
H.E. Mr. Käre Bryn, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Norway to the WTO
“Short and long term trade-related technical assistance needs in the multilateral trading system”
Amb. Takahashi, Special Assistant to the Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
“Architecture for long-term trade-related technical assistance and capacity building: coherence between multilateral institutions and bilateral donors”
H.E. Ms Linnet F. Deily, Ambassador, U.S. Deputy Trade Representative, Permanent Representative to the WTO
“Managing Expectations in meeting the Trade-related Technical Assistance/Capacity Building challenge”
H.E. Mr. Sergio Marchi, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Canada.
“Doha Development Agenda Global Trust Fund”: power point presentation
Deputy Director-General Andrew Stoler, WTO
“WTO strategic response to the Doha Development Agenda & Technical Cooperation and Capacity Building Mandates”: powerpoint presentation Mr. Chiedu Osakwe, Director, Technical Cooperation Division (on behalf of Deputy Director-General Paul-Henri Ravier, WTO)
Statements and pledges by bilateral donors: developed and developing Members(1).
Monday 11 March 2002
Implementation of the Doha Development Agenda: Multilateral Agencies Contributions/Pledges
“Role of regional development banks in implementing the Doha Development Agenda: the model of the IADB”
Mr. Zuga Vodusek, Senior Economist, European Office, Paris
Inter-American Development Bank
Mr. J. Denis Bélisle
Executive Director/Assistant Secretary-General, ITC
Mr. C. Fortin
Deputy Secretary-General, UNCTAD
Mr. Alfredo Sfeir-Younis
Director, World Bank Office in Geneva
Mr. Alexei Kireyev
Senior Economist, IMF Office in Geneva
Ms Karen Lee, Counsellor, WIPO
Mr. Alberto DiLiscia
Assistant Director-General, Director of UNIDO Office at Geneva, UNIDO
Mr. Charles Arden-Clarke, Senior Programme Officer, Economics and Trade Unit, UNEP
Dr. Jamel Eddine Zarrouk
Division Chief, International and Regional Organisation, Economics and Technical Department, Arab Monetary Fund
Mr. J.P. Verbiest,
Asian Development Bank
Mr. Mikuriya
Deputy Secretary-General, World Customs Organizsation
Dr. Ahmed Abdul Wasie
Operation Officer, Cooperation Office
Islamic Development Bank

Statements by other WTO Members


1. DAC and non-DAC Members. Pledges may also be included in the initial general statements back to text


The WTO circulated the following documents at the Conference:

> New Strategy for Technical Cooperation for Capacity Building, Growth and Integration, endorsed by Ministers in paragraph 38 of the Doha Declaration;

> Doha Ministerial Declaration (WT/MIN(01)/DEC/1);

> Coordinated WTO Secretariat Technical Assistance Plan 2002 (WT/COMTD/W/95);

> Joint communiqué from the IF Heads of Agency meeting, Washington D.C., 26 February 2002 (WT/IFSC/1); and

> Inter-American Development Bank/WTO Memorandum of Understanding.