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17 January 2003

New video explains the WTO through member governments' eyes

A new WTO video, released today, 17 January, opens up the WTO system in a simple and lively way — through the eyes of representatives of Member governments, who operate the system.

“To the Heart of the WTO” seeks to shed light on how this works, through the experience and motivations of two very different countries: Brazil, a large developing nation, and Norway, a small but economically advanced state. Both have significant trade interests to promote and are active in the WTO.

While there is general awareness that the WTO provides a basis for reconciling diverging trade interests through negotiation and dialogue, many people do not fully understand how the organization functions on a practical level. Moreover, there has been a need to better illustrate the complex process undertaken by governments as they weigh the interests of their constituents and develop their negotiating positions.

How do fishermen, farmers, industrialists, members of civil society and trade unionists view the WTO? What do they expect from their national representatives — ambassadors in Geneva and ministers in capitals? They all have a view of their national priorities in the current WTO trade negotiations, the Doha Development Agenda. Can all these priorities be met? This video shows how the WTO works toward a result which will benefit all its Member governments and the citizens they represent.

Length : 23 minutes

Price : 25 Swiss francs

Available in English, French and Spanish, from the WTO Bookshop and through the online bookshop.

It will soon be available to view free on the WTO website.

Watch the video