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8 February 2006

WTO chairpersons for 2006

The WTO General Council today (8 February) noted the consensus on the following slate of names of chairpersons for WTO Bodies:

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General Council

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Chairpersons of WTO Bodies — 2006

General Council

Amb. Eirik GLENNE (Norway)

Dispute Settlement Body

Amb. Muhamad Noor YACOB (Malaysia)

Trade Policy Review Body

Amb. Claudia URIBE (Colombia)

Council for Trade in Goods

Amb. Yonov Frederick AGAH (Nigeria)

Council for Trade in Services

Amb. François ROUX (Belgium)

Council for TRIPS

Amb. C. Trevor CLARKE (Barbados)

Committee on Trade and Environment

Amb. Shree Baboo Chekitan SERVANSING (Mauritius)

Committee on Trade and Development

Mr. Faizel ISMAIL (South Africa)

Committee on Balance-of- Payments Restrictions  

Mr. Takehiro KAGAWA (Japan)

Committee on Regional Trade Agreements

Amb. Ousmane CAMARA (Senegal)

Committee on Budget, Finance and Administration

Amb. Juan Antonio MARCH PUJOL (Spain)

Working Group on Trade and Transfer of Technology

Amb. Manuel A.J. TEEHANKEE (Philippines)

Working Group on Trade, Debt and Finance

Amb. Peter BRNO (Slovak Republic)

Chairpersons of Bodies established under the Trade Negotiations Committee — 2006
(To serve until the next Session of the Ministerial Conference)

Negotiating Group on Market Access

Amb. Don STEPHENSON (Canada)

Negotiating Group on Rules

Amb. Guillermo VALLES GALMÉS (Uruguay)

Negotiating Group on Trade Facilitation

Mr. Tony MILLER (Hong Kong, China)

Special Session of the Council for Trade in Services

Amb. Fernando DE MATEO Y VENTURINI (Mexico)

Special Session of the Council for TRIPS

Amb. Manzoor AHMAD (Pakistan)

Special Session of the Dispute Settlement Body

Amb. Ronald SABORÍO SOTO (Costa Rica)

Special Session of the Committee on Agriculture

Amb. Crawford FALCONER (New Zealand)

Special Session of the Committee on Trade and Environment

Amb. Toufiq ALI (Bangladesh)

Special Session of the Committee on Trade and Development

Amb. Burhan GAFOOR (Singapore)

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Highlights from the press conference following the meeting
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