Chairpersons of WTO Bodies — 2009

General Council

H.E. Mr. Mario MATUS (Chile)

Dispute Settlement Body

H.E. Mr. John GERO (Canada)

Trade Policy Review Body

H.E. Dr. István MAJOR (Hungary)

Council for Trade in Goods

H.E. Mrs. Elin Østebø JOHANSEN (Norway)

Council for Trade in Services

H.E. Mr. Yonov Frederick AGAH (Nigeria)

Council for TRIPS

H.E. Ms. Karen TAN (Singapore)

Committee on Trade and Development

H.E. Mr. Shree Baboo Chekitan SERVANSING (Mauritius)

Committee on Balance-of- Payments Restrictions

H.E. Mr. Arsene M. BALIHUTA (Uganda)

Committee on Budget, Finance and Administration

H.E. Mrs. Marie-Claire SWÄRD CAPRA (Sweden)

Committee on Trade and Environment

H.E. Mr. Bozkurt ARAN (Turkey)

Committee on Regional Trade Agreements

Mr. Detlev BRAUNS (Germany)

Working Group on Trade, Debt and Finance

Mr. Martin GLASS (Hong Kong , China)

Working Group on Trade and Transfer of Technology

H.E. Mr. Kwabena BAAH-DUODU (Ghana)


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