The theme of the 2010 Expo is “Better Cities, Better Lives” and Mr. Lamy will deliver an address about the Merchant City and how trade has, throughout history, given rise to many great cities. Trade has, for many cities, been a source of prosperity, cultural richness and, from time to time, conflict as cities sought to control trade routes and access to foreign markets.

“In the main trade has served cities well. The open cities, the trade centres, have certainly generated great monetary wealth. But the wealth of the great Merchant Cities extends far beyond money. As cities open to trade and traders, these communities have served as centres for the exchange of ideas and culture as well as goods and services. These cities are home to great artists, intellectuals, scientists and athletes as well as business leaders and financiers. This rich tapestry of diversity and innovation makes these cities far more than merchant cities alone,” Mr. Lamy said.

Following the symposium on trade and cities, the Director-General will meet with UN Officials including UN Commissioner General for the Expo Awni Benham and will offer some remarks on the closeness of the WTO's relations with the United Nations. The Director-General looks forward to meeting citizens of Shanghai attending the Expo.

On 23 July, Mr. Lamy will launch the WTO's 2010 World Trade Report together with WTO Chief Economist Patrick Low. The report focuses on trade in natural resources and the benefits and challenges that can arise from such trade. Hosting the launch of the 2010 Report will be the president of the Shanghai WTO Affairs Consultation Centre, Mr. Wang Xinkui.

Mr. Lamy will also give a lecture at the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (SIFT) at a ceremony commemorating the launch of the WTO Chairs Programme at SIFT. SIFT, a university of more than 10,000 students is one of fourteen universities in the developing world which have been endowed with WTO Chairs.

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