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Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law 21 July Parliamentary legislation bringing Russia’s trading laws into compliance with the international standards set under the WTO. The presidential approval follows passage of accession implementation legislation 18 July by the Federal Council, the upper house of Parliament and by the lower house, the Duma, on 10 July. Today, Russia officially notified the WTO Secretariat that the ratification process was completed thereby clearing the way for the country to become the organization’s 156th member on 22 August.

“It has been a long road to reach this destination but today, Russia has cleared the final hurdle and on 22 August it will take its rightful place at the table with family of trading nations, becoming the WTO  156th member. I look forward to Russia joining us next month,” said Mr. Lamy.

In 2011, Russia was the world’s ninth largest exporter, shipping $522 billion in goods and $54 billion in services to its trading partners. Last year, Russians imported $323 billion in goods and $90 billion in services.

Russia’s terms of membership, including the Working Party Report for Russia’s Accession, the Protocol of Accession were adopted by the WTO at the eighth Ministerial Conference on 15-17 December 2011.

The last accessions to the WTO:  Montenegro (29 April 2012), Samoa (10 May 2012).

For more information on the Russia accession follow this link on the WTO website.

For more information about the WTO decision at the eighth Ministerial Conference on 15-17 December 2011

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