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Over 2,900 activities have been organized since the fund was created in 2001.

Deputy Director-General Yonov Frederick Agah, who oversees development matters in the WTO, said: “The WTO’s technical assistance activities provide developing and least-developed-countries with the opportunity to further their development objectives and to better integrate into the global economy. We are grateful to Japan for its consistent contribution to this endeavour.”

Japan's WTO Ambassador, Kazuyuki Yamazaki, said: “Given the severe economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 crisis, it is essential that all WTO members cooperate with each other in building back better together. We are pleased to be making this contribution to help developing countries and LDCs improve their trade capacity and further contribute to strengthening the multilateral trading system, which is key to enhancing global prosperity.”

Overall, Japan has donated just over CHF 11 million to the various WTO trust funds over nearly 20 years.



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