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The United States' contribution will support activities aimed at helping officials fulfil WTO notification requirements so that governments may benefit from the transparency obligations of WTO agreements, among other activities.

“I thank the United States for its ongoing support for the capacity-building work carried out by the WTO Secretariat,” said Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. “The United States’ contribution will support the implementation of trade policies aimed at achieving inclusive and sustainable growth for developing countries and LDCs.”

The US Ambassador to the WTO, Maria Pagan, said: “Our longstanding commitment to the Global Trust Fund is an important part of our global trade capacity building efforts. The United States’ donation will help, in particular, developing and least-developed countries fulfil their transparency obligations. Guidance and training for officials responsible for preparing this information is a priority. Our capacity building efforts help to ensure that the work undertaken by WTO members is translated into tangible improvements in the lives and welfare of people around the world.”

Over 2,700 activities have been organised under the WTO’s Global Trust Fund over the past 20 years. Members make voluntary contributions to this fund to support trade-related technical assistance activities provided by the WTO.

Over the past 20 years, the United States has provided more than USD 6 billion in technical and capacity-building assistance for more than 110 countries. Over USD 27 million has been channelled to the WTO's various trust funds.



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