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27 April 1995

Special WTO course for officials from Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine

Efforts to assist countries undertaking economic reform will advance further on Monday next (1 May) when another special training course opens in Geneva for trade officials from Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

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The six-week course, which is funded largely by the United States, will involve 24 senior officials from the three countries. A similar course for Russian and Ukrainian officials was held in October 1994. The aim of the course is to familiarize participants with the multilateral trading system and with the new WTO agreements. Special emphasis will be placed on the trade policy issues of particular interest to economies in transition. The three countries are currently pursuing accession negotiations for WTO membership.

Specifically, the course will cover international trade theory, the work of the WTO and the functioning of the multilateral trading system. The results of the Uruguay Round negotiations and the structure and scope of WTO activities will also be covered.

This course is in addition to the regular courses organized by the WTO in English, French and Spanish for officials from developing countries. The latter courses are funded for the most part by Switzerland.

All training courses include lectures and presentations by senior officials of the WTO Secretariat, representatives of other international organizations concerned with trade policy questions and by members of the permanent missions of some WTO members.