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The World Trade Organization Annual Report 1996

The WTO was created in January 1995, upon the completion of the Uruguay Round which established new rules for international trade in goods, services and intellectual property. The Annual Report is a new publication which combines two of the most popular series produced under the WTO and its predecessor, GATT. These are: International Trade: Trends and Statistics and GATT Activities. It is an authoritative, annual analysis of trade issues with an extensive collection of trade statistics compiled by the World Trade Organization. It also incorporates a report on Trade Policy Developments and a yearly overview by the Director-General.

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The new WTO Annual Report provides:

- A progress report on the implementation of the Uruguay Round Agreements, which are the basis for the system of multilateral trade relationships and rules established between over 120 nations.

- Economic Analysis of the main trends and developments in world trade, illustrated with tables and charts.

- Analysis of the most important trade policy issues.

- A Special Report on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

- A detailed report of key events, decisions and other actions that have occurred over the past year within the WTO. This includes a review of trade disputes and settlements, progress in implementing the new agreements, reports on accessions of new countries to the WTO system and the WTO's work in such areas as development, regionalism and trade and the environment.

- A separate volume of statistical data, presented in tables and charts, reflect the current state of world trade. This includes detailed statistics by country, region and product category for 1995 and an outlook for 1996.

The World Trade Organization Annual Report 1996 is available now in English, French and Spanish at a cost of SF75.-, ISSN 1020-4997, ISBN 92-870-1163-X.