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30 July 1999

Wto chief designate meets ACP ministers

WTO director-general designate Mike Moore is to meet ministers and ambassadors from African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries in Brussels today to underscore his commitment to ensure that all WTO members can participate fully in the organization’s life.

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The ministers and ambassadors are from the ACP countries attending a ministerial meeting with the European Union. The group which is to meet Mr Moore includes WTO members whose limited resources prevent them from having representatives permanently in Geneva, where the WTO is headquartered.

"The WTO’s work is important for all its members, no matter how rich or poor, big or small," Mr Moore said. "It’s our responsibility to make sure that those who are not represented in Geneva are able to participate fully."

Mr Moore is to meet the ministers and ambassadors informally. He is en route back to New Zealand after a brief visit to the WTO headquarters where he will take office on 1 September. He was chosen to be the next director general by the WTO General Council on 22 July.

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