The History and Future of the World Trade Organization

Craig VanGrasstek

The History and Future of the World Trade Organization is a comprehensive account of the economic, political and legal issues surrounding the creation of the WTO and its evolution. Fully illustrated with colour and black-and-white photos dating back to the early days of trade negotiations, the publication reviews the WTO's achievements as well as the challenges faced by the organization, and identifies the key questions that WTO members need to address in the future.

The book describes the intellectual roots of the trading system, membership of the WTO and the growth of the Geneva trade community, trade negotiations and the development of coalitions among the membership, and the WTO’s relations with other international organizations and civil society. Also covered are the organization's robust dispute settlement rules, the launch and evolution of the Doha Round, the rise of regional trade agreements, and the leadership and management of the WTO.

"The purpose of this work is to not only tell us about our past, but to explain our present and to inform our future," said WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy.

Craig VanGrasstek is publisher of the Washington Trade Report and a trade consultant.

Published in 2013

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> Complete book (698 pages; 9.3MB)

> Disclaimer, Contents, Preface by WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy, Foreword (19 pages; 463KB)


Part I. The foundations of the WTO

> Chapter 1: The theory and practice of the multilateral trading system (38 pages; 312KB)

> Chapter 2: The creation of the multilateral trading system (42 pages; 365KB)

> Photo insert (8 pages; 1.2MB)


Part II. Membership and representation

> Chapter 3: Members, coalitions and the trade policy community (40 pages; 306KB)

> Chapter 4: Accessions (30 pages; 295KB)

> Photo insert (8 pages; 1.1MB)

> Chapter 5: Relations with other organizations and civil society (48 pages; 395KB)


Part III. Rules, norms and enforcement

> Chapter 6: Rules and norms (30 pages; 197KB)

> Chapter 7: Dispute settlement (42 pages; 361KB)

> Chapter 8: Notifications, trade policy reviews and monitoring (30 pages; 247KB)


Part IV. Negotiations

> Chapter 9: Modalities, formulas and modes (34 pages; 291KB)

> Chapter 10: WTO negotiations conducted outside the Doha Round (38 pages; 259KB)

> Chapter 11: The launch: from Singapore to Doha, with a detour in Seattle (40 pages; 266KB)

> Photo insert (8 pages; 1.1MB)

> Chapter 12: The conduct of the Doha Round (50 pages; 318KB)

> Chapter 13: Discrimination and preferences (38 pages; 308KB)


Part V. The organization, the institution and the future

> Chapter 14: Leadership of the organization and management of the institution (48 pages; 390KB)

> Photo insert (8 pages; 1.2MB)

> Chapter 15: The future of the WTO (22 pages; 161KB)


> Annex 1: Biographical appendix (28 pages; 254KB)

> Annex 2: GATT/WTO senior management (2 pages; 40KB)

> Bibliography, Abbreviations, Index (47 pages; 597KB)