WTO Public Forum 2011

The WTO Public Forum 2011 provides an overview of the discussions held at the 2011 event, which was entitled “Seeking answers to global trade challenges”. Representatives from civil society, academia, business, the media, governments and inter-governmental organizations participated.

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The main discussion themes in the 2011 Forum were food security, trade in natural resources, the “Made in the World” initiative and the challenges for the multilateral trading system. Participants discussed the role of trade in achieving food security, the effects of international trade on the sustainability of natural resources, how measuring trade flows in value-added terms can affect the ways in which international trade is analysed and how the rules-based multilateral trading system should respond to the rapidly changing global environment. The Forum sought to identify practical and effective ways forward. The publication provides a summary of each of the sessions held during the three-day programme.

Published in 2012

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