Trade Policy Reviews

Surveillance of national trade policies is a fundamentally important activity of the WTO. All WTO members are periodically reviewed, the frequency of each country's review varying according to its share of world trade.

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The reviews consist of detailed chapters examining the trade policies and practices of the member and describing trade policy-making institutions and the macroeconomic situation; these chapters are preceded by the Secretariat's Summary Observations, which summarize the report and presents the Secretariat's perspective on the member's trade policies. The Secretariat report and the member's policy statement are published after the review meeting, along with the minutes of the meeting and the text of the Chairperson's Concluding Remarks. Reports are available in English, French and Spanish.

2013 Trade Policy Reviews:
Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Macao, China
European Union
Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo and Gabon
Viet Nam
Costa Rica
Peru Kyrgyz Republic
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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