Developing Economies' Participation in Environmental Services Negotiations: What are the Challenges and what should be done?

The urgency to tackle climate change has placed sustainable development at the centre of recent trade related narratives. With trade being considered as means to achieve sustainable development goals, one issue to be addressed is how to adjust trade negotiations which used to be the main approach to pursuing market opening. In this context, this paper examines trade negotiations on environmental services by focusing on developing economies' participation.

Environmental services and related trade play a critical role in achieving environmental and sustainable development goals. Nevertheless, developing economies' participation in environmental services trade negotiations has been limited. By analysing the reasons behind such limited participation and assessing some new approaches, this paper attempts to explore how environmental services trade negotiations could be adapted to better engage developing economies and serve sustainable development goals.

Staff Working Paper: Policy ERSD -2023-09

Authors: Sanvid Tuljapurkar and Ruosi Zhang

Manuscript date: 10 August 2023

Key Words:

Environmental services, developing economies, trade negotiations

JEL classification numbers:

F13; F18; F63

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This is a working paper, and hence it represents research in progress. The opinions expressed in this paper are those of its author. They are not intended to represent the positions or opinions of the WTO or its members and are without prejudice to members' rights and obligations under the WTO. Any errors are attributable to the author.

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