Short-term merchandise trade statistics

The WTO Secretariat makes available a number of different types of short-term merchandise trade data.

Merchandise trade by value

Quarterly merchandise trade value by region and selected economies

Quarterly World trade estimates are aggregated from individual reporters’ statistics taken from various international and national sources, and completed with estimates for missing data. The basic data include significant re-exports or imports for re-exports. These quarterly data are released two months after the end of the reference quarter.

Monthly merchandise trade values

This file contains the latest monthly statistics on total merchandise exports and imports of some 70 economies, collected by the WTO Secretariat. The WTO Secretariat updates these statistics soon after they are made available on the website of the national authorities.

Monthly changes in export and import prices of manufactured goods

These data are compiled for the world and nine large economies that account for approximately 85 per cent and 75 per cent of world merchandise exports and imports, respectively. This dataset will be updated six weeks after the relevant month.


Merchandise trade by volume

Quarterly merchandise trade volume

This provides export and import data

  • at a global level, as regional aggregates, and for 18 major trading economies
  • on a seasonally and non-seasonally adjusted basis
  • from the first quarter of 2005 to the latest available quarter

it is complementary to the quarterly merchandise trade values above. Both datasets will be released simultaneously two months after the relevant quarter.


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