NGO information page for Sixth Ministerial Conference

For general information about the Ministerial, see the WTO Ministerial homepage.

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Other WTO Ministerials:
> Cancún 10–14 Sept. 2003
> Doha 9–14 Nov. 2001
> Seattle 30 Nov.–3 Dec. 1999
> Geneva 18 & 20 May 1998
> Singapore 9–13 Dec. 1996


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NGO attendance at Hong Kong 

List of NGOs which attended and which were eligible to attend the Hong Kong Ministerial Conference.

List of NGOs eligible to attend the Sixth WTO Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong.

Following the procedures as adopted by the WTO General Council on 26 May 2005, the on-line registration facility for Non-Governmental Organizations wishing to attend the WTO's Sixth Ministerial Conference has been closed on 29 July 2005 (midnight, GMT). Requests for registration will no longer be accepted.


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NGO attendance at past Ministerials 

Lists of non-governmental organizations which attended past Ministerial Conferences.


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NGO Public Meetings 

List of Public Meetings which took place at the NGO Centre in Hong Kong.