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Equatorial Guinea (1)

The General Council established a Working Party to examine the application of Equatorial Guinea on 5 February 2008. Equatorial Guinea has not yet submitted its Memorandum on the Foreign Trade Regime. The Working Party has not met.

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For an explanation, see: “How to become a member of the WTO” 

1. Application Received 19 February 2007

Working Party Established
Chairperson: Pending

5-6 February 2008
3. Memorandum  
4. Questions and Replies  
5. Meetings of the Working Party  

Other Documentation

(a) Additional Questions & Replies  
(b) Information on agriculture (WT/ACC/4)  
(c) Information on services (WT/ACC/5)  

(d) SPS/TBT checklists (WT/ACC/8)


(e) TRIPS checklist (WT/ACC/9)


(f) Legislative Action Plan

7. Market Access Negotiations
  Goods Offer

(a) initial
(b) latest

Services Offer

(a) initial
(b) latest

8. Factual Summary  
9. Draft Working Party Report  

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