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This training module is aimed at anyone who needs a basic understanding of WTO accessions. It was developed by WTO specialists on the accession process and includes interactive tests which allow you to measure your progress in learning the content. You can navigate through the material using the “BACK” and “NEXT” buttons on each page. Alternatively you can use the “tree” menu in the left margin of each page to jump directly to the sections that interest you. By clicking on the + to open an item you can go directly to the sub-items. In addition to the course material itself, you will find links to reference documents, such as legal texts and other official WTO documents.

When you first enter the training module you will be asked to “sign in” and assign yourself a name by which the system can identify you. Your computer will keep track of how far you have progressed with the course, and each time you sign back into the course you will be asked if you wish to return to the point where you left off. Chapters where you have opened every page will be highlighted as solid boxes in the “Chapters done” indicator at the bottom of each page.

At the end of each section you will find optional test questions, which you can use to assess how good your understanding of the material is. These are multiple choice questions, and the system will keep track of your score. If you select an incorrect answer a red cross will appear in the box, and you will be invited to try again. You will also see a link to the relevant text in the course material where you can find the answer. If you follow this link you will be taken back to the appropriate course material page, with the relevant text highlighted. Once you’re done reading the text, you can follow the link underneath the highlighted text back to the test. At any point you can click “Test Summary” in the tree menu on the left to see your score on previous sections. If you wish to remind yourself what a particular question was about, you can click any of the check boxes in the test summary to return to that question.

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