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Trade finance

Some 80 to 90 per cent of world trade relies on trade finance (trade credit and insurance/guarantees), mostly of a short-term nature. The WTO is seeking to encourage the revival of the complex links and networks involved in the trade finance market in order to keep finance flowing for trade, thereby mitigating at least one reason for the shrinkage of trade flows.

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- Seminar on the challenges of accessing trade finance at affordable cost — review of remaining gaps and constraints 26-27 March 2015

- Working Paper — The Impact of Basel III on Trade Finance:The Potential Unintended Consequences of the Leverage Ratio

- Working Paper — Restoring trade finance during a period of financial crisis: Stock-taking of recent initiatives

- Working paper — Boosting trade finance in developing countries: What link with the WTO?

- Research paper — Boosting the availability of trade finance in the current crisis: Background analysis for a substantial G20 package

- Trade Finance: The Grease in the Wheels of Trade

- Video: Update on Trade Finance