The WTO and the International Monetary Fund

Globalization has increased the need for closer cooperation between the multilateral institutions with key roles in the formulation and implementation of different elements of the framework for global economic policy, in particular the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the World Trade Organization. Each of these organizations has a mandate for such cooperation in the agreements under which they have been established. They also have signed agreements among themselves, for mutual cooperation and regular consultation, which identify mechanisms designed to foster greater coherence in global economic policy-making.

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The mandate

The desire of WTO member countries for greater coherence in global economic policy-making through closer cooperation between the WTO, World Bank and IMF is expressed in a number of Agreements, Ministerial Declarations and Decisions:


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Documents on Coherence  

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  • Annual reports on coherence to the WTO General Council by the Director General, World Bank President and IMF Managing Director (Document code varies)   >  search
  • General documents on Coherence in Global Economic Policy-Making: WTO Cooperation with the IMF and the World Bank (Document code varies)   >  search

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