The WTO and World Intellectual Property Organization

The preamble to the WTO’s intellectual property agreement calls for “a mutually supportive relationship between the WTO and the World Intellectual Property Organization […] as well as other relevant international organizations”. The agreement also refers specifically to a number of WIPO conventions.

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1995 WIPO-WTO Cooperation Agreement 

Cooperation between the WTO and WIPO covers notifications of countries’ laws, technical assistance, and implementing the TRIPS obligations that stem from Article 6ter of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, which is one of WIPO’s treaties.

As part of this effort, the two organizations have launched a number of joint initiatives on technical cooperation.

> For developing countries, launched in 1998, to help them meet the 1 January 2000 deadline for conforming with the TRIPS Agreement.

> For least-developed countries, launched in 2001, a similar programme to help these countries with their original 1 January 2006 deadline, and to make use of intellectual property protection for their economic, social and cultural development.

> For least-developed countries — transition extended to 1 July 2013:
Responding to Paragraph 4 of the decision of 29 November 2005, the two organizations have also agreed to intensify their cooperation. This includes jointly organizing national workshops for least-developed country members, and the WIPO providing speakers for events of this kind organized by the WTO.

WIPO Lex: IP Laws and Treaties at your Fingertips

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