The WTO building: Centre William Rappard

Welcome to the Centre William Rappard, the home of the World Trade Organization. Testimony to over seventy years of international co-operation, the Centre William Rappard (CWR) was conceived as part of the effort after World War I to create a League of Nations and related institutions that would encourage multilateral exchanges and favour the peaceful resolution of human conflicts.

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Works of art

The Park



• 1785 — construction of the original Villa Rappard (now a school)

• 1919 — signature of the Treaty of Versailles and creation of the League of Nations and the ILO.

• 1923 — Swiss architect George Epitaux selected to design new Headquarters for the International Labour Office.

• 1926 — inauguration of the new ILO building.

• 1947 — establishment of the GATT as a result of the Bretton Woods Agreements.

• 1975 — ILO moves to new HQ in Grand Saconnex.

• 1977 — GATT moves to the Centre William Rappard.

• 1995 — WTO becomes the successor to the GATT and main occupant of the CWR.

• 1998 — Construction of the conference center adjacent to the CWR.