Visitors to Pascal Lamy, 2005

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> 28.11.2005:
Geneva Authorities

> 28.11.2005:
Mr. Iuliu Winkler, Minister (delegate) for Commerce of Romania

> 08.11.2005:
Mr. José Montilla, Minister of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain

> 26.10.2005:
Ms Mary Coughlan, Minister of agriculture for Ireland

> 25.10.2005:
Vice-Minister Adolfo Urso of Italy

> 24.10.2005:
Mr Karel de Gucht, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium

> 20.10.2005:
Dr. Martin Bartenstein, Federal Minister of Economic Affairs & Labour of Austria

> 18.10.2005:
Mr. Ernest-Antoine Seillière, President of Unice, the union of industrial and employers' confederations of Europe

> 12.10.2005:
Ms. Christine Lagarde, Minister of external trade of France

> 12.10.2005:
H.E. Dr. Hadja Djènè Saran Camara, Minister of Trade of Guinea

> 12.10.2005:
The Hon. Mark Vaile Deputy Prime Minister and Trade Minister for Australia

> 12.10.2005:
H.E. Mr. Humayun Akhtar Khan, Trade Minister for Pakistan

> 12.10.2005:
The Hon. Jim Sutton,  Minister for Trade Negotiations of New Zealand

> 12.10.2005:
H.E. Mr. Jorge Illingworth Guerrero, Minister of Foreign Trade, Industrialization, Fishing and Competitiveness of Ecuador

> 11.10.2005:
Mr. Shoichi Nakagawa, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan

> 11.10.2005:
Mr. Mineichi Iwanaga, Agriculture Minister of Japan

> 11.10.2005:
Mr. Kim Hyun-chong, Minister of Trade of Korea

> 11.10.2005:
Mr. Sergio Alejandro Garcia de Alba Zepeda, Minister of Economy for Mexico

> 07.10.2005:
Mr Milan Parivodic Minister of International Economic Relations of Serbia

> 07.10.2005:
Dr. Yamani, Trade Minister of Saudi Arabia

> 06.10.2005:
Mr. Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba, Minister of Trade of Bhutan

> 06.10.2005:
Mr. Mondher Zenaidi, Trade Minister of Tunisia

> 05.10.2005:
H.E. Dr. Khalid Sheikh, Minister of Industry and Trade of Yemen

> 22.09.2005:
H.E. Mr. Karen Chshmaritian, Minister of Trade and Economic Development of Armenia

> 19.09.2005:
H.E. Mr. Truong Dinh Tuyen, Minister of Trade of Viet Nam

> 14.09.2005:
Mr. Kenneth Valley, Trade Minister of Trinidad and Tobago

> 05.09.2005:
Ms Leila Rachid, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay

> 05.09.2005:
Mr. Donnedieu de Vabres, Minister of Culture of France