Thirteenth WTO Ministerial Conference

Thirteenth WTO Ministerial Conference Thirteenth WTO Ministerial Conference Thirteenth WTO Ministerial Conference


Information for the media

MC13 will take place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from 26 to 29 February 2024.  Practical information for journalists attending the Ministerial Conference is provided below.


Media accreditation for MC13 closed on 9 February 2024.

Accreditation for MC13 does not automatically grant entry into the United Arab Emirates.  Further information on visa requirements is available here: 

Accommodations in Abu Dhabi

Journalists attending MC13 are free to use the ADNEC hotel booking platform to reserve their accommodations in Abu Dhabi.

Badge collection

Badges for MC13 accredited media can be picked up at the press accreditation desk in Hall 1 of ADNEC.  The accreditation desk will be open on the following days/hours:



23 Feb

10am – 1pm

24 Feb

10am – 4pm

25 Feb

9am – 5pm

26 Feb

8am – 4pm

27 Feb

10am – 1pm

28 Feb

10am – 1pm

Events open to the media

The following events will be open to accredited journalists and live streamed on the WTO website:

  • All press conferences and briefings organised by the WTO
  • Opening session of MC13
  • Closing session of MC13

Please note that due to space restrictions, the number of places available to journalists to attend the Opening and Closing sessions may be limited. Further information will be communicated at a later stage.

The WTO Secretariat may also organize briefings on key topics of interest.

Dates and times for briefings will be posted on the WTO website here.  Please check regularly for updates.

Side events

A number of side events will take place in advance of MC13, starting on 24 February.  These events will be listed on the MC13 dedicated webpage here.

Facilities for the media

Media Centre: The main Media Centre will be located in Hall 9 of  ADNEC. Approximately 300 work stations will be available for the press.

Work stations cannot be reserved, and they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. A limited number of personal computers will be available for invited journalists from least-developed countries.

Press conferences and briefings: One large room (416 seats) and one smaller room (160 seats)  will be available for press conferences and briefings scheduled by the WTO Secretariat, ministers and other officials. In addition, the WTO Secretariat will organize briefings on key topics of interest.

Internet: WIFI will be available throughout the conference venues.

Other facilities: Four interview rooms with a decorative backdrop are available for sit-down TV or print interviews or for other private gatherings. For reserving slots at these spaces please contact [email protected]

MC13 on the web

  • Following the Ministerial Conference on the web: Opening Session, Closing Session and press conferences organized by the WTO will be webcast live in the three official languages of the WTO (English, French and Spanish). News items covering the latest MC13 developments will be posted regularly in the run-up to and during the Conference. Photos of the Conference will be provided for download several times a day on the WTO website.

Background information

The Ministerial Conference is the WTO's top decision-making body. The Marrakesh Agreement establishing the organization instructs members to hold one at least every two years. The event is attended by trade ministers and other senior officials from the 164 members of the organization.

Typically at these gatherings, ministers review the current work of the WTO, take decisions on issues which the WTO delegations have put before them and on occasion take action to bring new members into the WTO.

For more details, check on news about the Ministerial Conference.  For any questions please contact: [email protected]