The meeting is at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center

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WTO Release on the Ministerial
28 June 1999
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The WTO's 3rd Ministerial Conference, scheduled to be held 30 November – 3 December 1999 in Seattle, Washington, will launch the next major world trade negotiations due to start early in 2000. Ministers and other senior officials from over 150 governments are expected to attend the four-day meeting at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle.

At the last WTO Ministerial Conference held in May 1998 in Geneva, Switzerland, Ministers established a process under the WTO General Council to prepare for the 3rd Ministerial Conference. This process, which has been underway since September 1998 in Geneva, calls on the General Council to submit recommendations regarding the WTO's work programme to Ministers, enabling them to take decisions in Seattle. Based on the General Council's recommendations, Ministers will announce the organization and management of the WTO's work programme, including the scope, structure and time-frames of negotiations to liberalize international trade in sectors such as agriculture and services.