The meeting is at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center

Ministers’ statements

In this section you can download or view on-line Ministers’ statements to the conference plenary. These statements are available in Word and .pdf formats. Downloading time will vary depending on the speed of your connection. To download, right-click the hyperlink and choose "save link as" or "save target as". You will be prompted to choose a location to save the file to, and then the file will copy to the folder or directory you chose.     

WT/MIN(99)/ST/1   SINGAPORE - Statement by H.E. Mr. BG (NS) George Young-Boon Yeo, Minister for Trade and Industry D5186e.doc D5186e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/2 SWITZERLAND - Statement by H.E. Mr. Pascal Couchepin - Federal Minister of the Economy D5185e.doc D5185e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/3   EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES - Commission of the European Community - Statement by Mr. Pascal Lamy Commissioner for Trade D5196e.doc D5196e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/4   FINLAND - Statement by H.E. Mr. Kimmo Sasi Minister for Foreign Trade on behalf of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union D5192e.doc D5192e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/5 BRAZIL - Statement by H.E. Mr. Luiz Felipe Lampreia - Minister of Foreign Relations      D5243e.doc D5243e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/6   PHILIPPINES - Statement by the Honourable Jose T. Pardo Secretary of Trade and Industry D5195e.doc D5195e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/7 AUSTRALIA - Statement by the Honourable Mark Vaile, MP - Minister for Trade     D5244e.doc  D5244e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/8  UNITED KINGDOM - Statement by the Right Honourable Stephen Byers, MP - Secretary of State for Trade and Industry     D5187e.doc D5187e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/9   PAKISTAN - Statement by H.E. Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood - Minister of Commerce, Industry and Promotion D5203e.doc D5203e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/10 FRANCE - Statement by H.E. Mr. Christian Sautter - Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industry D5189e.doc D5189e.pdf 
WT/MIN(99)/ST/11   HONG KONG, CHINA - Statement by Mr. Chau Tak Hay - Secretary for Trade and Industry D5197e.doc D5197e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/12 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Statement by the Honourable Daniel Glickman Secretary of Agriculture    D5245e.doc  D5245e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/13 CANADA - Statement by the Honourable Pierre S. Pettigrew - Minister for International Trade    D5262e.doc  D5262e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/14   NEW ZEALAND - Statement by the Honourable Lockwood Smith Minister for International Trade D5193e.doc D5193e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/15  NORWAY - Statement by H.E. Mr. Knut Volleb�k - Minister for Foreign Affairs D5190e.doc D5190e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/16   INDIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Murasoli Maran Minister of Commerce and Industry D5194e.doc D5194e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/17  BANGLADESH - Statement by H.E. Mr. Tofail Ahmed, M.P. - Minister for Commerce and Industry - (Speaking on behalf of the LDC Group) D5199e.doc D5199e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/18  INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND - Statement by Mr. Michel Camdessus Managing-Director - (Speaking as an Observer) D5198e.doc D5198e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/19 WORLD BANK - Statement by Mr. James D. Wolfensohn - President - (Speaking as an Observer) D5200e.doc D5200e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/20 LEBANON - Statement circulated by H.E. Dr. Nasser Saidi, Minister of Economy and Trade        D5281e.doc  D5281e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/21   ORGANIZATION FOR ECONOMIC COOPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT - Statement by Mr. Donald J. Johnston - Secretary-General - (Speaking as an Observer) D5201e.doc D5201e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/22  Statement Circulated by H.E. Mr. Mohammed Benaissa,  Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Morocco - President of the Ninth Ministerial Meeting of the Group of 77 and China D5220e.doc D5220e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/23 GERMANY - Statement by H.E. Dr. Werner M�ller, Federal Minister of Economics and Technology D5219e.doc D5219e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/24 BELGIUM - Statement by H.E. Mr. Pierre Chevalier, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade   D5221e.doc D5221e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/25 TURKEY - Statement by H.E. Prof. Dr. Tunca Toskay - Minister of State    D5238e.doc D5238e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/26 JAPAN - Statement by H.E. Mr. Yohei Kono - Minister for Foreign Affairs    D5224e.doc D5224e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/27 DENMARK - Statement by H.E. Mr. Niels Helveg Petersen Minister for Foreign Affairs   D5229e.doc  D5229e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/28 MALAYSIA - Statement by Mr. Asmat Kamaludin - Secretary-General, Ministry of International Trade and Industry      D5223e.doc D5223e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/29 MORROCO - Statement by H.E. Mr. Alami Tazi - Minister of Commerce, Industry and Handicrafts  D5227e.doc D5227e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/30 ITALY - Statement by the Honourable Piero Fassino - Minister of Foreign Trade      D5226e.doc D5226e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/31 CUBA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz - Minister of Foreign Trade   D5230e.doc D5230e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/32 HUNGARY - Statement by Dr. Attila Chik�n - Minister of Economic Affairs    D5225e.doc  D5225e.pdf 
WT/MIN(99)/ST/33 THAILAND - Statement by H.E. Dr. Supachai Panitchapakdi - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce  D5246e.doc D5246e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/34 KOREA - Statement by H.E. Dr. Han Duck-Soo Minister for Trade   D5233e.doc D5233e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/35 ECUADOR - Statement by H.E. Mr. Jos� Luis Ycaza Pazmi�o - Minister of Foreign Trade, Industry, Fisheries and Tourism  D5231e.doc D5231e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/36 IRELAND - Statement by H.E. Dr. Tom Kitt, TD - Minister of Trade  01.12.99   D5239e.doc D5239e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/37 COSTA RICA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Samuel Guzowski - Minister of Foreign Trade   D5247e.doc D5247e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/38 NETHERLANDS - Statement by H.E. Mr. Gerrit Ybema - Minister for Foreign Trade    D5248e.doc D5248e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/39 AUSTRIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Hannes Farnleitner - Federal Minister for Economic Affairs   D5249e.doc D5249e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/40 HONDURAS - Statement by Dr. Reginaldo Panting P. - Secretary of State for Industry and Trade D5237e.doc  D5237e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/41 ISRAEL - Statement by H.E. Mr. Ran Cohen - Minister for Industry and Trade     D5251e.doc D5251e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/42 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Statement by Mr. Luis Manuel Bonetti Veras - Secretary of State for Industry and Commerce   D5232e.doc D5232e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/43 ANIA - Statement by the Honourable Iddi Simba, MP - Minister for Industry and Commerce - (Speaking on behalf of the Southern African Development Community (SADC)   D5267e.doc  D5267e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/44 JAPAN - Statement Circulated by H.E. Mr. Takashi Fukaya, Minister of International Trade and Industry   D5228e.doc D5228e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/45 SOUTH AFRICA - Statement by H.E. Mr Alec Erwin - Minister of Trade and Industry  D5265e.doc D5265e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/46 CZECH REPUBLIC - Statement by H.E. Mr. Jiri Maceska - Junior Minister of Industry and Trade    D5258e.doc D5258e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/47 URUGUAY - Statement by H.E. Dr. Didier Opertti, Minister of Foreign Affairs D5240e.doc d5240e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/48 MALI - Statement by H.E. Mrs. Fatou Ha�dara Cisse, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts D5241e.doc d5241e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/49 PARAGUAY - Statement by H.E. Dr. Guillermo Caballero Vargas Minister, Economic Advisor of the Presidency D5269e.doc d5269e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/50 NIGERIA - Statement by the Honourable Mustafa Bello - Minister of Commerce     D5271e.doc D5271e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/51 CHILE - Statement by H.E. Mr. Juan Gabriel Vald�s - Minister for Foreign Affairs    D5253e.doc D5253e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/52 BAHRAIN - Statement by H.E. Mr. Ali Saleh Al-Saleh - Minister of Commerce      D5272e.doc D5272e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/53  GUATEMALA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Jos� Guillermo Castillo - Minister of Economy  D5255e.pdf D5255e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/54 SLOVAK REPUBLIC - Statement by H.E. Mr. Peter Brno - Deputy Minister of Economy  D5275e.doc D5275e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/55 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Statement Circulated by H.E. Mr. Mirsad Curtovic - Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations      D5331e.doc D5331e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/56 VENEZUELA - Statement by H.E. Dr. Juan de Jes�s Montilla Saldivia - Minister of Production and Trade D5254e.doc D5254e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/57 C�TE D'IVOIRE - Statement by H.E. Mr. Guy-Alain Emmanuel Gauze - Minister for the Promotion of External Trade d5266e.doc d5266e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/58 BOLIVIA - Statement by H.E. Dr. Javier Murillo de la Rocha - Minister for Foreign Affairs and Worship  D5261e.doc D5261e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/59 EL SALVADOR - Statement by H.E. Mr. Eduardo Ayala Grimaldi, Vice-Minister of Economy   01.12.99  D5252e.doc D5252e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/60 ICELAND - Statement by H.E. Mr. Halld�r �sgr�msson - Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade      D5279e.doc D5279e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/61 SENEGAL - Statement by H.E. Mr. Khalifa Ababacar Sall - Minister of Commerce and Handicrafts D5257e.doc d5257e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/62 ROMANIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Mikai Berinde - Vice-Minister of Industry and Trade D5292e.doc D5292e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/63 ESTONIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves - Minister of Foreign Affairs  D5270e.doc D5270e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/64 TUNISIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Mondher Zena�di - Minister for Commerce D5290e.doc  D5290e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/65 MOZAMBIQUE - Statement by H. E. Mr. Oldemiro J.M. Baloi - Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism  D5273e.doc D5273e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/66 MADAGASCAR - Statement by H.E. Mr. Alphonse Randrianambinina - Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs   D5276e.doc D5276e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/67 NICARAGUA - Statement by H.E. Mrs. Azucena Castillo, Minister of Development, Industry and Trade D5296e.doc D5296e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/68 MEXICO - Statement by H.E. Dr. Herminio Blanco Mendoza, Minister of Commerce and Industrial Development   D5242e.doc D5242e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/69  ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA - Statement by the Honourable Hilroy Humphreys - Minister of Commerce Industry and Business Development   D5260e.doc D5260e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/70 LATVIA - Statement by Mr. Maris Riekstins - Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs   D5263e.doc  D5263e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/71 ST. LUCIA - Statement by the Honourable George Odlum - Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade  D5268e.doc D5268e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/72 ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES - Statement by the Ambassador Kingsley C. A. Layne - Head of Delegation - Ambassador to the United States and Permanent Representative to the OAS    D5259e.doc     D5259e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/73 PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Statement by Mr. Michael Maue - Secretary, Department of Trade and Industry       D5336e.doc D5336e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/74  BOTSWANA - Statement by the Honourable Daniel K. Kwelagobe - Minister of Commerce and Industry        D5324e.doc D5324e.pdf  
WT/MIN(99)/ST/75 LESOTHO - Statement by Honourable Mpho Malie - Minister of Trade, Industry and Marketing     D5288e.doc D5288e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/76 TOGO - Statement by H.E. Mr. Rodolphe Kossivi Osseyi, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Development D5288e.doc D5288e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/77 ANGOLA - Statement by H.E Mr. Vitorino Domingos Hossi - Minister of Commerce D5293e.doc D5293e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/78 UGANDA - Statement by H.E. Brigediern Moses Ali - Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Trade and Industry   D5289e.doc D5289e.df
WT/MIN(99)/ST/79 HAITI - Statement by H.E. Mr. G�rald Germain, Minister of Trade and Industry D5264e.doc  D5264e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/80 MAURITANIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Ahamdy Ould Hamady - Minister of Trade, Handicrafts and Tourism D5287e.doc D5287e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/81 VIET NAM - Statement by H.E. Mr. Truong Dinh Tuyen Minister of Trade - (As an Observer) D5294e.doc D5294e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/82 KYRGYZ REPUBLIC - Statement by H.E. Mr. Esengul Omuraliev - Vice Prime Minister and Minister of External Trade and Industry D5295e.doc D5295e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/83 ALGERIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Ahmed Attaf Minister of Foreign Affairs D5315e.doc D5315e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/84 FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Nikola Gruevski - Minister of Trade   D5274e.doc D5274e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/85 NEPAL - Statement by the Honourable Ram Krishna Tamrakar - Minister of Commerce - (Speaking as an Observer)      D5286e.doc D5286e.pdf  
WT/MIN(99)/ST/86 CROATIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Nenad Porges - Minister of Economy - (Speaking as an Observer)       D5298e.doc D5298e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/87 LAO PDR - Statement by H.E. Mr. Siadsavath Savengsuksa Vice-Minister, Ministry of Commerce and Tourism D5297e.doc D5297e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/88 CAMEROON - Statement by H.E. Mr. Ma�gari Bello Bouba Minister for Industrial and Trade Development D5307e.doc D5307e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/89 GREECE - Statement by H.E. Mrs. Rodoula Zissis, Deputy Minister of National Economy D5280e.doc D5280e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/90 JAMAICA - Statement by the Honourable Seymour Mullings - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade      D5314e.doc D5314e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/91 PERU - Statement by H.E. Mr. Juan Carlos Hurtado Miller, Minister for Industry, Tourism, Integration and International Trade Negotiations D5299e.doc D5299e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/92 MACAU - Statement by Mr. Vitor Pessoa - Secretary for Economic Coordination       D5305e.doc D5305e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/93 SRI LANKA - Statement by Mr. Anton Alfred - Secretary of the Ministry of Internal and International Commerce and Food D5335e.doc  D5335e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/94 INDONESIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Jusuf Kalla - Minister of Industry and Trade      D5338e.doc D5338e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/95 GHANA - Statement by H.E. Dr. John Abu, Minister of Trade and Industry D5365e.doc D5365e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/96 CYPRUS - Statement by H.E. Mr. Nicos Rolandis - Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism          D5334e.doc D5334e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/97  BULGARIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Valentin Vassilev - Minister of Trade and Tourism D5333e.doc D5333e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/98 BARBADOS - Statement by the Honourable Billie A. Miller - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade D5318e.doc D5318e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/99 BRUNEI DARUSSALAM - Statement by the Honourable Pehin Dato Abdul Rahman Taib Minister of Industry and Primary Resources D5320e.doc D5320e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/100 PANAMA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Joaqu�n Jacome - Minister for Commerce and Industry   D5361e.doc D5361e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/101 GABON - Statement by H.E. Mr. Marcel Doupamby-Matoka - Minister for Commerce and Industrial Development       D5306e.doc D5306e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/102 MAURITIUS - Statement by the Honourable Rajkeswur Purryag - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade      D5330e.doc D5330e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/103 ZIMBABWE - Statement by the Honourable N.M. Shamuyarira - Minister of Industry and Commerce D5321e.doc D5321e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/104 SWEDEN - Statement by H.E. Mr. Leif Pagrotsky Minister for Trade D5319e.doc D5319e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/105 QATAR - Statement by H.E. Mr. Youssif Kamal, Minister of Finance, Economy and Commerce D5304e.doc D5304e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/106 RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Statement by H.E. Mr. Mikhail Fradkov - Minister of Trade of the Russian Federation D5317e.doc d5317e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/107 SAUDI ARABIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Osama J. Faqueeh - Minister of Commerce D5316e.doc D5316e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/108 PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Shi Guangsheng - Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation - (Speaking as an Observer) D5323e.doc D5323e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/109 BELARUS - Statement by H. E. Prof. Ural Latypov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs - (Speaking as an Observer) D5310e.doc D5310e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/110 FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION - Statement by Mr. Hartwig de Haen - Assistant Director-General, Economic and Social Department - (Speaking as an Observer)   D5346e.doc D5346e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/111 GUYANA - Statement by the Honourable Clement J . Rohee, M.P. - Minister of Foreign Affairs D5345e.doc D5345e.pdf 
WT/MIN(99)/ST/112 SLOVENIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Marjan Senjur, Minister for Economic Relations and Development D5311e.doc D5311e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/113  EGYPT - Statement by H.E. Dr. Youssef Boutros Ghali, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade   D5312e.doc    D5312e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/114  SPAIN - Statement by H.E. Mr. D. Rodrigo De Rato y Figaredo, Second Vice-President and Minister of Economy and Finance  D5325e.doc     D5325e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/115 SOLOMON ISLANDS - Statement by the Honourable Patteson Oti - Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Relations D5378e.doc D5378e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/116  KENYA - Statement by The Honourable Kipyator N.K. Biwott, Egh, MP, Minister for Tourism, Trade and Industry   D5326e.doc   D5326e.doc
WT/MIN(99)/ST/117 ZAMBIA - Statement by the Honourable William Harrington, Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry   D5327e.doc D5327e.pdf 
WT/MIN(99)/ST/118 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - Statement by the Honourable Mervyn Assam, Minister of Trade, Industry and Consumer Affairs    D5313e.doc D5313e.pd
WT/MIN(99)/ST/119 BURKINA FASO - Statement by H.E. Mr. Abdoulaye Abdoulkader Cisse - Minister for Trade, Industry and Handicrafts    D5363e.doc   D5363e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/120 SIERRA LEONE - Statement by H.E. Mr. Mike Lamin, Minister of Trade and Industry D5328e.doc D5328e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/121  KUWAIT - Statement by H.E. Mr. Hamad A. Al-Ghanim, Assistant Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs D5322e.doc D5322e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/122 BURUNDI - Statement by H.E. Mr. Darius Nahayo - Minister for Trade, Industry and Tourism     D5349e.doc  D5349e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/123 ST. KITTS AND NEVIS - Statement by the Honourable Terence Sam Condor, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Industry   D5303e.doc  D5303e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/124 MONGOLIA - Statement by H. E. Ms. Nyamosor Tuya, Minister for External Relations      D5302e.doc   D5302e.pdf  
WT/MIN(99)/ST/125 REPUBLIC OF THE FIJI ISLANDS - Statement by the Honourable Mahendra Chaudhry - Prime Minister D5301e.doc D5301e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/126  SURINAME - Statement by H.E. Mr. Erroll G. Snijders, Minister of Foreign Affairs   D5300e.doc D5300e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/127  LIECHTENSTEIN - Statement by H.E. Ms Andrea Willi, Minister for Foreign Affairs   D5308e.doc    D5308e.pdf 
WT/MIN(99)/ST/128   DOMINICA - Statement by the Honourable Norris M. Charles, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Marketing  D5309e.doc  D5309e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/129 LUXEMBOURG - Statement by Mr. Eug�ne Berger - Secretary of State for the Environment D5364e.doc D5364e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/130 PORTUGAL - Statement by H.E. Mr. Joaquim Pina Moura - Minister for Finance and the Economy D5368e.doc D5368e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/131 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Statement by H.E. Mr. Sheikh Fahim Bin Sultan Al Qassimi, Minister of Economy and Commerce   D5329e.doc  D5329e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/132  SUDAN - Statement by H.E. Mr. Adam Eltahi Hamdoun - Minister of Foreign Trade   D5332e.doc D5332e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/133  GEORGIA - Statement by H.E. Mrs. Tamar Beruchashvili - Minister of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations - (Speaking as an Observer) D5344e.doc  D5344e.pdf  
WT/MIN(99)/ST/134  SEPARATE CUSTOMS TERRITORY OF TAIWAN, PENGHU, KINMEN AND MATSU - Statement by Dr. Wang Chih-Kang - Minister for Economic Affairs - (Speaking as an Observer)     D5343e.doc D5343e.pdf 
WT/MIN(99)/ST/135  HOLY SEE - Statement by Monsignor Osvaldo Neves de Almeida - Head of Delegation of the Holy See - (Speaking as an Observer)    D5342e.doc     D5342e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/136  UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT - Statement by Mr. Rubens Ricupero - Secretary-General - (Speaking as an Observer) D5376e.doc D5376e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/137 COLOMBIA - Statement by H.E. Mrs. Marta Luc�a Ram�rez de Rinc�n - Minister of Foreign Trade D5374e.doc D5374e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/138 THE GAMBIA - Statement by the Honourable Musa H. Sillah - Secretary of State for Trade, Industry and Employment    D5337e.doc    D5337e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/139 POLAND - Statement by Ms Anna Skowronska-Luczynska - Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy     D5341e.doc     D5341e.pdf 
WT/MIN(99)/ST/140 UKRAINE - Statement Circulated by H.E. Mr. Andriy I. Goncharuk - Minister of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade - (As an Observer)     D5351e.doc   D5351e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/141 GRENADA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Denis G. Antoine - Ambassador to the United States D5340e.doc  D5340e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/142 MALAWI - Statement by the Honourable S.D. Kaliyoma Phumisa - Minister of Commerce and Industry   D5339e.doc   D5339e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/143 GUINEA-BISSAU - Statement by H.E. Dr. Suleimane Djassi - Secretary of State of Trade, Industry and Tourism D5369e.doc D5369e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/144 DJIBOUTI - Statement by H.E. Mr. Elmi Obsieh Wais - Minister of Trade, Industry and Handicrafts D5366e.doc D5366e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/145 CONGO - Statement by H.E. Mr. Pierre-Damien Boussoukou-Boumba - Minister of Trade, Supplies, Small-and Medium-Sized Enterprises, in Charge of Handicrafts D5367e.doc D5367e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/146 LITHUANIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Algimantas Rimkunas - Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs - (Speaking as an Observer)  D5348e.doc     D5348e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/147 ALBANIA - Statement by H.E. Ms Ermelinda Meksi - Minister of Economic Cooperation and Trade - (Speaking as an Observer)     D5347e.doc   D5347e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/148 SAMOA - Statement by the Honourable Hans Joachim Keil - Minister of Trade, Commerce and Industry - (Speaking as an Observer) D5350e.doc    D5350e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/149   TONGA - Statement by the Honourable Guilio Masasso T. Paunga - Minister of Commerce and Industry - (Speaking as an Observer)    D5352e.doc    D5352e.pdf 
WT/MIN(99)/ST/150 ANDORRA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Albert Pintat - Minister of Foreign Affairs - (Speaking as an Observer) D5370e.doc D5370e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/151 KAZAKSTAN - Statement by H.E. Mr. Zhaksybek A. Kulekeyev - Minister of Economy - (Speaking as an Observer)    D5362e.doc D5362e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/152 ARMENIA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Armen Darbinian - Minister of Economy - (Speaking as an Observer)     D5371e.doc D5371e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/153 ARGENTINA - Statement by H.E. Mr. Guido Di Tella - Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship D5377e.doc D5377e.pdf
WT/MIN(99)/ST/154 DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO - Statement by H.E. Mr. B.D. Mulumba - Minister for Planning and Trade D5372e.doc D5372e.pdf