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WTO Secretariat budget for 2003

The WTO derives most of the income for its annual budget from contributions by its Members. These are established according to a formula based on their share of international trade.

Miscellaneous income is earned from rental fees and sales of WTO print and electronic publications. The WTO also manages a number of trust funds, which have been contributed by Members. These are used in support of special activities for technical cooperation and training meant to enable least-developed and developing countries to make better use of the WTO and draw greater benefit from the multilateral trading system. The WTO’s total budget for the year 2003 is as follows:
  • Total WTO Budget for the year 2003: SF 154,954,350.


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Budget for the WTO Secretariat and the Appellate Body and its Secretariat for the year 2003 


(Swiss Francs)

Staff (Work/years)


(a) Salary 68,652,500
(b) Pensions 13,645,300
(c) Other Common Staff costs 13,195,400

Temporary Assistance






(a) Telecommunications 754,500
(b) Postage charges 1,587,000

Building Facilities

(a) Rental 292,400
(b) Utilities 1,632,500
(c) Maintenance and Insurance 1,068,000

Permanent Equipment


Expendable Equipment


Contractual Services

(a) Reproduction 1,445,800
(b) Office Automation / Informatics 2,245,800
(c) Other 321,000




Staff Overhead Costs

(a) Training 480,000
(b) Insurance 1,210,700
(c) Joint Services 542,000
(d) Miscellaneous 78,500


(a) Official 1,191,100
(b) Technical Co-operation 1,383,200
Trade Policy Training Courses 4,297,500
Contribution to ITC 15,374,000
Various -
(a) Representation and Hospitality 284,000
(b) Dispute Settlement Panels 1,287,000
(c) Permanent Group of Experts/ Arbitration under GATS -
(d) Appellate Body 618,200
(e) Library 586,900
(f) Publications 193,000
  Priced Publications 37,000
(g) Public Information Activities 210,000
(h) External Auditors 50,000
(i) Ministerial Meeting 400,000
(j) ISO 57,500
(k) Other 83,000

Unforeseen Expenditure

TOTAL 154,954,350