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WTO structure: all WTO members may participate in all councils, committees, etc, except Appellate Body, Dispute Settlement panels, and plurilateral committees.

Current chairs of WTO bodies

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Current WTO chairpersons

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Reporting to General Council (or a subsidiary)
Reporting to Dispute Settlement Body

Plurilateral committees inform the General Council or Goods Council of their activities, although these agreements are not signed by all WTO members
Trade Negotiations Committee reports to General Council

The General Council also meets as the Trade Policy Review Body and Dispute Settlement Body.

The negotiations mandated by the Doha Declaration take place in the Trade Negotiations Committee and its subsidiaries. This now includes the negotiations on agriculture and services begun in early 2000. The TNC operates under the authority of the General Council.      > details

Each year new chairpersons for the major WTO bodies are approved by the General Council. 
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