WTO Committee of Participants on the Expansion of Trade in Information Technology Products

The Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Frédéric Seppey, served as facilitator.

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— To update ITA and other WTO Members on developments in information technology, its application to products, and the evolving nature of trade (where it is and where it is going).

— To elicit updated information on the nature of non tariff barriers to trade in IT products.

— To assess the role of IT trade in supporting development in those markets where liberalization has occurred. Identify challenges to trade in IT associated with development needs.


Monday, 18 October 2004  back to top


Welcome to the symposium

by Ms. C. L. Guarda, Director, Market Access Division, WTO Secretariat


Keynote Address to the Symposium

by Mr. C. Geiger, Assistant Executive Director, World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) — “World Summit on the Information Society, from Geneva to Tunis”


A.  Experience under the ITA: Trends in IT Trade and Global

Supply Chain Development Since the Beginning of the ITA Chair: back to top



Mr. B. Bora, Counsellor, Economic Research and Statistics Division, WTO Secretariat — “Information Technology Agreement and World Trade”
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 277KB)


Mr. D. Gregory, Vice President, Governmental Programs, IBM Europe, Middle East, Africa — “IBM's Global Supply Chain - Changes Post-ITA and Future Challenges”
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 454KB)

Dr. W. Tay, Vice President, MSC Technopreneur Development Flagship Department, Multimedia Development Corporation, Malaysia —
“Developments in Information Technology — The Experience of Developing Countries”


B.  Evolution of Information Technology since Launching the

ITA in 1997 and How Industry is Adapting to the New Technologies (e.g. the nature of product development and likely production trends) back to top



Mr. M. Yoshioka, Department Manager, Business Solution Systems Division, HITACHI Ltd., Japan — Diffusion of Internet and the New Lifestyle (Pdf format, 23 pages; 5532KB)

Mr. G.J. Huang, Vice-President, Institute for Information Industry, Chinese Taipei — “E for Equality: Digital Opportunities in the E-era”
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 3763KB)

Mr. R. Foy, Customs & Licensing Manager EMEA, Intel Corporation — “The Challenges ahead for the ITA with Converging Technologies and IC Manufacturing Techniques”
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 10MB)





C.  Identification of Barriers to Trade in IT Products (e.g. non-

tariff barriers) back to top



Mr. P. Döfnäs, Director, Technical Regulations, Government Affairs and Regulations, Ericsson, Sweden “How can the Existing and Potential Technical Barriers to Trade be Removed or Reduced?”
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 113KB)

Mr. R. Gehrmann, Technical Regulations EMEA, Region Manager, Hewlett Packard, Germany —
Supplier's Declaration of Conformity for IT Regulations — Status, Confidence-building, and Challenge Ahead (Pdf format, 18 pages; 263KB)
Mr. R.K. Verma, Director, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India —
“Identification of Barriers to Trade in IT Products and Services, from the View Point of Developing Countries”
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 353KB)


D.  Potential Development Gains from ITA Membership: How

Can the ITA Help Development? (e.g. transfer of technology, investment, productivity) back to top



Mr. B. Lanvin, Senior Advisor, E-Strategies, The World Bank — “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Developing Countries: How the ITA can help”
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 690KB)
Mr. D.J.M. Sabido, Chief Technology Officer, Integrated Microelectronics, Inc., Philippines —
“Enabling International Strategic Partnering in Information Technology”
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 502KB)

Ms. Y. Baek, Director, SW Strategic Analysis Dept, Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency (KIPA), Korea — “Promoting IT Industry in Korea: The Role of MIC and KIPA”
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 4559KB)



Tuesday, 19 October 2004  back to top


A.  Assistance to New Participants or Interested WTO

Members and Observers back to top



Ms. D. Probst, Secretary, WTO Committee of Participants on the Expansion of Trade in Information Technology Products — “Experience and Observations from the Secretariat in Providing Assistance to Interested WTO Members or Observers”
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 278KB)
Mr. A. Hashem, Director of Department of Information Technology Policy, the Ministry of Communication, Egypt —
“Development through ICT, Egyptian Information Society Initiative”

> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 8211KB)

Ms. A. Fatimi, Chef de Service, Département du Commerce et de la Mise à Niveau, Morocco, — “The Morocan Experience in the area of Information Technology”


B.  Small Group Dialogues  back to top

Group to break-down into the following three smaller groups to facilitate interaction and allow dialogue.


1. IT for Development
2. Further Expanding Trade of IT Products
3. New Technologies and Technology Conversion


C.  Closing Session  back to top

The facilitator, Mr. F. Seppey, will provide a summary of the day and a half Symposium. Participants will have an opportunity to have a final discussion and provide comments, feedback, and any last remarks on the Symposium.


End of Symposium back to top