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COVID-19 and world trade

The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating health and economic consequences, with unprecedented disruption to people's lives, the global economy and world trade. One of the most effective means of addressing this crisis is through timely, accurate information. An informed public is better positioned to make sound decisions including on questions related to trade. This is why we have created this dedicated portal. It provides up-to-the minute trade-related information including notifications by WTO members, the impact the virus has had on exports and imports and how the multilateral trading system has responded to the pandemic.

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Trade forecast 2023

Frequently asked questions: The WTO and COVID-19

MC12 outcomes related to COVID-19

WTO Secretariat's work in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic (March 2020 to June 2022)

This note covers: 1) activities undertaken by the Secretariat to help members address COVID-19; 2) pandemic-related work undertaken in WTO committees and councils.

WTO reports on COVID-19 and world trade

More reports

Sector-specific studies

WTO-IMF COVID-19 Vaccine Trade Tracker

The WTO-IMF Vaccine Trade Tracker provides data on the trade and supply of COVID-19 vaccines by product, economy and arrangement type. The tracker builds on the work of the WTO Secretariat information notes on COVID-19 and world trade and the IMF Staff Discussion Note – A Proposal to End the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Information-sharing sessions

Multilateral Leaders' Task Force on COVID-19

A global effort to help developing countries access and deliver COVID-19 vaccines, testing, and therapeutics, as they work to end the pandemic and boost economic recovery.

COVID-19: Trade and trade-related measures

COVID-19: Support measures

The table below lists the support measures taken by WTO members and observers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These measures have been submitted by delegations directly to the WTO Trade Monitoring Section in response to the requests by the Director-General in March 2020 and by Deputy Director-General Agah in September 2020. The list only includes measures communicated by members and observers and features measures only in the original language of the submission. The list is an informal situation report and an attempt to provide transparency with respect to support measures taken in the context of the COVID-19 crisis.

WTO members' proposals on COVID-19

Latest proposal

Enquiry points

In many areas of trade, WTO members are required to establish or maintain one or more “Enquiry Points” to answer reasonable enquiries of governments, traders and other interested parties and provide relevant documents and information. In emergency situations, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, access to information on product requirements and certification procedures can be crucial, as it can minimize or avoid delays or rejections at customs points.

WTO members' notifications on COVID-19

As of , WTO members had submitted a total of related to COVID-19.

Inventory of COVID-19 information resources

A list of COVID-19 information resources managed by international organizations, non-governmental organizations, academics and the private sector that has been compiled by the WTO Secretariat.



Trading through the Pandemic: The WTO's Response to COVID-19


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WTO Trade Barometers

The WTO has developed a set of indicators to provide “real-time” information on trends in world trade: the Goods Trade Barometer and the Services Trade Barometer. Both barometers highlight turning points in world trade and are intended to complement conventional trade statistics and forecasts.

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Maintaining open trade

Throughout the pandemic, the WTO rules have kept global trade flowing and fostered transparency on measures taken by countries to respond to the crisis. … The pandemic has placed tremendous strain on peoples’ health and livelihoods around the world. The WTO can show that it is capable of effectively addressing a global challenge like COVID-19, and helping the world build back better.

Ambassador Katherine Tai, US Trade Representative
14 October 2021

The WTO remains the most important forum for creating modern trade rules, providing transparency for government actions that promote and hinder trade, and resolving disputes between Member States. … Updating the WTO’s “operating system”, meaningfully dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and broader public health issues, creating trade rules to promote environmental sustainability, updating the “rulebook” to take account of the modern digital economy, as well as making trade as inclusive as possible would not only serve business interests but also broader expectations from citizens and civil society.

International Chamber of Commerce
29 September 2021


Trade Facilitation and COVID-19: Report on Survey Results

This report compiles the findings of the joint COVID-19 survey carried out by TFAF, ICC and the Alliance.

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