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Developments in the Aid for Trade work programme


April 27

In the context of the followup to the Aid for Trade Task Force Report, a meeting was held with representatives of regional development banks and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) which run a global network of Trade Finance Facilitation Programmes. TFFPs provide “global coverage” to SMEs and small banks from all around the world, without regional exclusion; the leverage of such programmes is very high on trade flows ($4 of trade “produced” for $1 dollar of guarantee); TFFPs benefit small private sector players which would not have a chance to trade without these programmes (WT/AFT/W/24)

April 2

A session devoted to Aid for Trade in the Committee on Trade and Development on 2 April, 2007 garnered broad support for the monitoring architecture and the tentative schedule for regional reviews in Asia, Africa and Latin America. There were clear signs that many donors are in the process of re-examining and reinforcing their own Aid-for-trade strategies in light of the WTO process. Recipients are increasingly focused on identifying Aid-for-Trade priorities and learning about mechanisms to access available financing. CTD minutes

The OECD presented and explained its global monitoring tool, the OECD_DAC database, using the Creditor Reporting System, on which the monitoring at the global level will be based.

Monitoring and Evaluation (joint database with OECD)