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WTO public symposium: the Doha Development Agenda and beyond

Click for Doha Development Agenda gatewayThe World Trade Organization hosted a public symposium from 29 April to 1 May 2002 on the challenges and opportunities arising from the Doha Ministerial Declaration. The symposium was not an official or formal WTO event, and participants from governments, parliaments, civil society, academia and the media were invited.

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“Doha represented a watershed for the WTO. It marked the beginning of a new era of negotiations which can and should provide real and lasting opportunities for developing countries to participate in the multilateral trading system,” WTO Director-General Mike Moore said. “The new round is underway and we must not lose sight of the win-win scenarios for development and environment that are within our grasp”. Mr. Moore referred to the recent Doha Declaration and its emphasis on the major role international trade can play in the promotion of economic development and the alleviation of poverty. He said, “As stated in the Declaration, all WTO member governments ‘recognize the need for all our people to benefit from the increased opportunities and welfare gains that the multilateral trading system generates’”


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