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WTO hosts public symposium: ‘Challenges Ahead on the Road to Cancún’

Click for Doha Development Agenda gatewayThe World Trade Organization hosted a public symposium from 16 to 18 June 2003 on the challenges WTO Members face ahead of the WTO’s 5th Ministerial Conference this September in Cancún, Mexico. Participants from governments, parliaments, civil society, the business sector, academia and the media discussed how the new negotiations can address key challenges facing the multilateral trading system.

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“…It is essential to finish these negotiations successfully and on time, by 1 January 2005,” said WTO Director-General Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi at a 3 April meeting of the Trade Negotiations Committee, the body which oversees progress in the eight negotiating groups comprising the Doha Development Agenda. “What we are doing here is immensely important to economic growth and development prospects for all participants. It will also make an irreplaceable contribution to achieving a more stable, more equitable — and ultimately more peaceful world. At a time of growing global economic uncertainty, progress in the Doha Round toward its timely conclusion can make a much-needed contribution to confidence,” he said.

The symposium featured work sessions on key subjects being negotiated in the Doha Round including trade and development, issues related to agriculture, trade in services and trade and environment.

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