Past events










29 October
Workshop on the Sustainable Development Goals, Addis Ababa Action Agenda and the Aid-for-Trade Initiative

28 May
Workshop on the 2015 Aid-For-Trade Monitoring and Evaluation Exercise

30 June – 2 July
Fifth Global Review

16 February
Workshop on Aid for Trade and Infrastructure: Bridging the Financing Gap



9 October
Joint ITC-WTO workshop Aid for Trade and SME competitiveness



8-10 July
Fourth Global Review

18 June
Joint WTO/OECD workshop on the Aid for Trade monitoring and evaluation exercise



5 November
Workshop on Aid for Trade and Intellectual Property

11 July
Workshop on Aid for Trade and Services

15 May
Workshop on Aid for Trade and Trade Finance

29 February
Workshop on Aid for Trade, Sustainable Development and Green Economy



18 and 19 July
Third Global Review of Aid for Trade in 2011

23 June
Workshop on Aid for Trade Case Stories

16 February
Workshop on , Vulnerable Economies (SVEs) and Aid for Trade



26 October
Workshop on Mainstreaming

25 October
Expert Roundtable on the Gender Dimension of Aid for Trade

19 July
Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Aid for Trade

31 May - 2 June
Expert Group Meeting and Workshop on Aid for Trade and Africa’s Trading Capacity

27 May
Workshop on Aid for Trade and Development Finance

17 March
Mainstreaming Aid for Trade at a Thematic Level: Workshop on Aid for Trade and Agriculture

10-11 March
Workshop on Aid-for-Trade needs assessments in the SPECA countries, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

27-28 January
ECOWAS Aid-for-Trade Review, Abuja, Nigeria


6-7 July 2009:
Second global Aid for Trade review

27 May 2009
Committee on Trade and Development sessions and other Aid for Trade Related events

28-29 May 2009
High Level Meeting on the Global Financial Crisis, Export-Led Growth and Aid for Trade: Focus on the ASEAN Experience — Siem Reap, Cambodia

7-8 May 2009
Second regional review on Aid for Trade — Montego Bay, Jamaica

4 May 2009
Honduras National Review

6-7 April 2009
COMESA-EAC-SADC North-South Corridor Project and Aid for Trade Event — Zambia

3 March 2009
National Dialogue on Aid for trade Lima, Peru

September 2008:
Symposium: Identifying Indicators for Monitoring Aid for Trade

November 2007:
Aid For Trade Global Review