Fifth Global Review of Aid for Trade:
“Reducing Trade Costs for Inclusive, Sustainable Growth”

30 June — 2 July 2015
Geneva, WTO Headquarters

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> Aid for Trade work programme 2014-2015

> Fourth Global Review, 2013

> Aid-for-Trade monitoring exercise, 2015

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High trade costs act as a brake on the trade integration of many developing countries, and in particular least-developed countries. To release the brake and deliver the inclusive, sustainable growth envisioned by the emerging UN's Post-2015 Development Agenda, concerted action is needed.  This year's Global Review analysed actions already undertaken by developing countries, regional communities and their development partners to reduce trade costs and survey the extent of the challenge remaining, and how it can be addressed in the context of the proposed Sustainable Development Goals.

One specific action that the trade and development community can take to address high trade costs is to ensure the timely implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). OECD figures suggest that support for trade facilitation is growing and more funding is becoming available.  Many developing countries, however, remain concerned that they will not be able to access support to implement the TFA. The Review surveyed in detail lessons from past and on-going support for border and customs modernization efforts, with the aim of ensuring that support for the TFA is effective and sustained, including the support provided through the WTO's Trade Facilitation Agreement Facility.

The 5th Global Review high-level meeting offered the opportunity to recommit the trade and development community to continued action by developing countries and their development partners to reduce trade costs and support other Aid-for-Trade objectives, so affirming the role of trade in the Sustainable Development Goals and Financing for Development.



Day 1: Plenary Sessions

30 June — Plenary Sessions

Time Plenary Session — Room


Plenary session 1: Reducing Trade Costs for Inclusive, Sustainable Growth (Room CR)


Plenary session 2: Supporting Implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (Room CR)


Plenary session 3: Effective Implementation of SPS Measures to Facilitate Safe Trade (Room W)


Parallel plenary session 4: Reducing Trade Costs in Central America through Trade Facilitation(Room D)


Parallel plenary session 5: The Role of Trade Facilitation in Supporting Africa's Regional Integration Agenda (Room CR)

Parallel plenary session 6: Reducing Trade Costs in Asia and the Pacific (Room E)

Parallel plenary session 7: Reducing Trade Costs for Islamic Development Bank Group Members (Room W)

16.30- 18.00

Plenary session 8: Access to Cooperation for Small and Vulnerable Economies through the Aid-for-Trade Initiative (Room D)

Day 1: Side Events

30 June —Side Events
(Side events are open to all participants unless otherwise indicated)

Time Side event — Room and Organiser



Parallel side event 1:  Lessons from Ebola and Other Disasters on the Role of Trade in Relief and Reconstruction(Room E)

Parallel side event 2: Mombasa: One Port, 200 Million People(Room D)

Parallel side event 3: Joining Forces to Reduce Trade Costs for Inclusive Sustainable Growth(Room S2)


Side event 4: Reducing Cargo Costs in Air Transport – Giving the Bali TFA Deal Wings(Room E)

Parallel side event 5: Aid for Trade and Intra- and Inter-Regional Trade Cooperation in French-speaking Countries: Experiences and Perspectives Africa-Asia-West Africa(Room CR)


Parallel side event 6: Side event 6: Getting Past Non-Tariff Measures: Reducing Costs for Business(Room S2)

17.30- 18.30

Side event 7: Ceremony to Confer Order of the Jaguar Award (Salle des Pas Perdus) by invitation only


Side event 8: Brewing Development II (Gallery/Terrace new building)

Day 2: Plenary Sessions

1st July — Plenary Sessions

Time Session — Room


Plenary session 9: WTO and Development: Looking Ahead to the Nairobi Ministerial Conference (Room CR)


Plenary session 10: Reducing Trade Costs in South-South Trade (Room CR)


Plenary session 11: Launch of the New EIF: Trade for LDC Development  (Room CR)


Plenary session 12: Electronic Commerce and the Aid-for-Trade Initiative (Room W)


Plenary session 13: Reducing Trade Costs for LDCs' Merchandise Trade Development (Room CR)


Plenary session 14: Reducing Trade Costs for LDCs' Services Trade Development (Room CR)

Day 2: Side events

1st July — Side events
(Side events are open to all participants unless otherwise indicated)

Time, Meeting Side event — Room


Side event 9: Business Unusual Post- 2015: New Donor Directions in Combining Aid and Trade for Farmers (Room D)

Parallel side event 10: Public-Private Dialogue in Trade Facilitation: How to Foster Debate in National Trade Facilitation Committees and Keep this Debate Alive and Kicking (Room A)


Parallel side event 11:  WTO Chairs Programme(Room S1)


Parallel side event 12:  21st Century Public Private Partnership — A New Model for Implementing the Trade Facilitation Agreement(Room W)

Side event 13: Geographical Indications as an Engine for Development (Room D)


Parallel side event 14: Implementing Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade for Sustainable Growth: Evidence from the UN Regional Commissions(Room S2)


Parallel side event 15:  Regional Infrastructure for Trade Facilitation – Impact on Growth and Poverty Reduction(Room S3)

Parallel side event 16: The Future of the EU Aid-for-Trade Strategy – A Stakeholder Consultation(Room D)

Parallel side event 17: Good Management: A Way to Increase Economic Benefits, including Trade in the Fisheries Sector(Room E)


Parallel side event 18:  The Vienna Programme of Action for the Landlocked Developing Countries 2014-2024(Room D)

Parallel side event 19: Reducing Trade Costs by Mapping Sustainability Standards in Supply Chains(Room S2)

Parallel side event 20: Understanding Effective Development Partnerships - Cooperative Experiences with Developing Countries/LDCs(Room E)


Parallel side event 21:  Promoting Cooperative to Cooperative Trade for Sustainable Development(Room D)

Parallel side event 22: Motor Vehicle Agreement Among the BBIN Group of Countries: Key Concerns, Challenges and Benefits(Room E)


Side event 23: Discovering Pacific Trade Potential (EIF/Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat/Australia/WTO) – Evening Reception(Salle des Pas Perdus)

Day 3: Plenary Sessions

2 July — Plenary Sessions

Time Session — Room


Plenary session 15: Reducing Trade Costs in the Cotton Value Chain (Room D)


Plenary session 16: Trade and Gender: Empowering Women through Inclusive Supply Chains (Room W)


Plenary session 17: Reducing Trade Costs and the Aid-for-Trade Results Agenda: Lessons from Recent Evaluations and Impact Studies (Room W)


Plenary session 18: Closing Plenary Session (Room CR)

Day 3: Side events

2 July — Side events
(Side events are open to all participants unless otherwise indicated)

Time, Meeting Side event — Room


Parallel side event 24: Managing Non-tariff Measures in Sustainable Development Strategies (Room E)

Parallel side event 25: Transforming Border Bottlenecks into Global Gateways - OECD Tools to Support Trade Facilitation(Room S3)


Parallel side event 26: Sequencing Reforms and Gearing up for Ratification of the Trade Facilitation Agreement(Room S1)


Side event 27: Aid for Trade in Support of Sustainable Development Goals(Room E)


Side event 28: Barriers Facing Women Traders in Africa: What are They and How could Aid for Trade Help in Removing Them?(Room S2)