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Circular economy, economic diversification and Aid for Trade

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The 2020-22 Aid-for-Trade Work Programme (WT/COMTD/AFT/W/81.Rev.1) seeks to address sustainable trade by analysing how industrialization and economic growth objectives interact with those on sustainability and responsible production. The transition to sustainable development is a universal agenda and implies the transformation of economic systems. One prominent strategy to achieve sustainable development is to move to circular economy approaches.

The circular economy emphasizes the creation of feeder loops that transform waste into new inputs for production at all nodes within the value chain. The purpose of this workshop is to examine how circular economy approaches fit within the broader context of sustainable trade, and how these approaches interact with the economic and trade diversification objectives of developing countries, and in particular least developed countries (LDCs). 

The role that Aid for Trade can play in supporting sustainable development through financing, transfer of technology and know-how to help make production and consumption more sustainable whilst supporting economic development objectives will be discussed. The workshop will seek to highlight the opportunities that the circular economy may offer for value chain integration, particularly for LDCs — and potential trade-offs too.




  • Mujtaba Piracha, Chairperson, Committee on Trade and Development and Ambassador of Pakistan to the WTO



  • “Sustainable Trade, Circular Economy and Aid for Trade — An overview of Issues” (JOB/DEV/64) - Visvanathan Subramanian, Development Division, WTO


Policy perspectives

  • “An Inclusive Circular Economy” — Patrick Schroeder, Senior Research Fellow, Energy and Environment Resources Programme, Chatham House
  • “The Circular Economy and SDG 9: Inclusive and Sustainable Industrialization” — Frank van Rompaey, Representative to the UN and other International Organizations in Geneva, UNIDO
  • “Perspectives on circularity, economic diversification and sustainable development - the role of Aid for Trade” - Jakob Tange, Senior Policy Analyst, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, OECD
  • “Circularity and sustainability in operations and policy” — Stefan Rau, Senior Urban Development Specialist, Asian Development Bank

Question and answer session


Members' Practice perspectives

  • “Perspectives on the Circular Economy” — Marie Chantal Rwakazina, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Rwanda to the WTO
  • “Perspectives on the Circular Economy” — Le Thi Tuyet Mai, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Viet Nam to the WTO
  • “Perspectives on the Circular Economy” — Rachel Jones, Vice President of Policy, Energy and Resources, National Association of Manufacturers of America (NAM)
  • “Perspectives on the Circular Economy” — Carlos Sebastian Guevara, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Ecuador to the WTO

Question and answer session


Closing remarks

  • Mujtaba Piracha, Chairperson, Committee on Trade and Development and Ambassador of Pakistan to the WTO

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