28th Geneva Week

5 to 9 May 2014

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The 28th Geneva Week for WTO Non-Resident Members and Observers will be held at the WTO from 5 to 9 May 2014. Geneva Week participants will be able to attend briefings on the implementation of the different decisions and agreements adopted in the Bali Ministerial Conference on the topics of Trade Facilitation, Agriculture, Special and Differential Treatment and LDC issues. In addition to meeting with the WTO's Director-General and its Chairman of the General Council at the beginning of the week, participants will also attend presentations on rules of origin, regional trade agreements, import licensing, services trade and development, and the Trade Policy Review Mechanism from the perspective of a participating Member. Other sessions for the 28th Geneva Week include updates on Aid for Trade and the implementation of the WTO's Technical Assistance Plan. Finally, participants will attend briefings organized by the LDC and SVE Group coordinators and will visit the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

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